Sandhall Air Rifle Klub

The Best Plinkers Club in the Northwest




Sandhall Air Rifle Klub

A Private members club by invitation only. 


Sandhall Air Rifle Klub was formed in the early 1980’s by a small group of air gun enthusiasts. They started their shooting at a disused quarry on Merseyside. Gradually, over the years the club increased in size and it moved to our new shooting grounds a few miles away in Cronton where we still meet every Sunday for a friendly shoot & a chat with like minded members.


We are a small & friendly club, and are situated in Cronton, a small village near Widnes, just off the M62 motorway at junction 6. We are situated in a small local wooded area where we have various ranges that you may wish to try your hand at. The club offers four courses in total, two of which are within woodland. Each course can contain challenging targets at varying distances ranging from 10 - 80 yds. We have a dedicated zeroing range and a long range 80 yard course if thats what you enjoy. The club has its own chronograph that members can use to meaure air rifle/ pistol velocity.


Targets are the normal resettable knockdown style that fall when hit, with a hit zone size ranging from 15mm to 45mm. These can be placed at varying distances but the maximum distance must not exceed 80 yards and a minimum distance must be no closer than 10 yards. The targets may be partially obscured by flora but must be shoot-able and with out danger from ricochets. A minimum of 50% of the hit-zone must be visible from the shooting position. Of course you can bring your own paper targets if your enjoy punching paper. All disused paper and litter must be cleared away after use. We do not shoot at woodland trees and encourage members to look after the grounds fauna and flora.


The club is open to shooters of all ages & experience over 14 years. Parking is on hard & soft ground, weather dependant!! Friendly & expert advice is always readily available from experienced club members. At the club you will meet fellow shooters whose ages range from 14 to 70 plus, members will be only too pleased to help you in this enjoyable sport of air gun shooting. 


The club’s philosophy centres on a safe and enjoyable days airgun shooting. All legally powered air rifles & pistols are welcome at the club, nobody will judge you on the standard of your equipment, whether it be an old break barrel rifle just recovered from the loft or a top price bells & whistle set up, you can shoot it at our club. At Sandhall we do not shoot FT or HFT, we are & always will be a plinkers club.


Rifles that exceed the legal UK muzzle energy limits of 12 ft lb & pistols that exceed the legal UK muzzle energy of 6 ft lb must not be used at the club. The club reserve the right to request a chronograph test of your air rifle/ pistol at any time.



Full annual membership is currently £60 per adult & £30 per child & this is payable in full during the month of December for existing members or on the date you join as a new member. The minimum age for taking part in airgun shooting is 14 years of age. Please be aware that all applicants for membership must sign a declaration stating that they are not prohibited by law from taking up air gun shooting. This requirement applies to everyone without exception and irrespective of age.


In joining Sandhall Air Rifle Klub, not only will you be supporting the future of the club and helping the club to progress but it will also allow us to offer you better facilities. Sandhall Air Rifle Klub is a club for members only, therefore all our members are expected to lend a hand and get involved in setting up and clearing away targets and being involved in the grounds and club maintenance working parties as & when required. If you feel that you would not wish to be involved in the setting up or clearing away of targets at the end of your shoot or do not wish to help out with grounds maintenance then this might not be the club for you.





You will only be eligible as a member on this web site as & when you become a member of the club. If your not a member of the club then you will not have access to the club web site. Once a member of the club you will be invited to join the club website. If you wish to discuss membership please call the club Chairman on 07934410456.























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